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SENSEi Resonance Space

The idea of a development a new rehabilitation device originated in 2017. Since then it has undergone a number of changes and currently we are in the development phase of the third prototype. We got into this phase mainly thanks to financing from the Moravian-Silesian Region in the Business Support Program.

From the project financing point of view, this year will be also challenging. We will finance the production of the device using the crowdfunding campaign. You can look forward to see the complete, unique and innovative product for your child's rehabilitation, at the begining of nextyear. Some of our clients can test the SENSEi Resonance Space prototype now. In 2020 the first rehabilitation facilities will be able to purchase it.

How does SENSEi Resonance Space work?

The device is designed to promote the widest possible range of rehabilitation approaches in a single space, to allow multiple structures and senses to be involved simultaneously. We believe that through this connection we can offer the child a deep self-awareness experience and help him better process the transmitted information.

The purpose is also to create a unique space for cooperation of individual specialists involved in a comprehensive rehabilitation approach to a child. This will enable a multidisciplinary concept of rehabilitation, data sharing and support in achieving jointly defined therapeutic goals.

Technically we utilize a vibro-acoustic approach associated with visual stimulation, language and educational support.

We will manufacture the device in two options, the first one is simpler, software-free, and will be available also in small outpatient clinics. The second high-tech variant will be really disruptive in the area of children´s rehabilitation.